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Autumn Leaves Earrings - handmade, artisan lampwork, leaves, hessonite garnet, pearls, sterling silver, fall, brown, topaz


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In Orbit Earrings - handmade, artisan lampwork, fused argentium sterling silver wings, sterling silver


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Touch of Pink Butterfly Earrings - handmade, artisan lampwork, wings, white, sterling silver


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Copper Dragonfly Dreams Earrings - handmade, copper, dichroic, sunstone, black onyx, sterling silver


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Splotches and Sticks Earrings - black purple rutilated quartz hematite amethyst spots drop


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Golden Violet - artisan lampwork, gold, violet, gold filled, purple, sparkle, lavendar


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Aqua Grass Earrings - aqua, artisan lampwork, polymer clay, brass, gold filled, sea green


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Mish Mesh Spiral Earrings


Art jewelry, handmade by me, and more!

At cserpentDesigns you'll find high quality, unique artisan jewelry and more, created and designed by ME! I use high quality components in my designs such as sterling silver and gold-filled findings, artisan lampwork beads and semi-precious gemstones. I will gladly do a custom order if you don't see just what you're looking for.